Philadelphia University
ISBN: 1 4499 7 6611
Paperback, 198 pages
CreateSpace, July 2010

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1  Topics in Number Theory
Chapter 2  Topics in Logic and Proofs
Chapter 3  Topics in Set Theory
Chapter 4  Topics in Combinatorics
Chapter 5  Topics in Graph Theory
I know many good textbooks on Discrete Mathematics. What is the point writing another one and which is perhaps not as good?
So do I. But I bet our students would simply xerox them from the library, which is both unethical and unnecessary with my affordable and/or free offer.

Are the chapter softcopies different in any ways compared to those in the paperback version?
Not at all. A minor note, however, the low pdf resolution is optimized for screen viewing, hence not suitable for quality printing.

Don't you think students will never buy your book as long as they can get the softcopies for free?
They will never have to. I would feel bad having my poor students spend money to buy a textbook. But for only $14.49, I believe that many of them would willingly buy and keep my book in remembrance of me.

$14.49 is a bit more than I can afford. Can you give me a special discount?
Yes, g-mail me at "awitno" to get a 20% student reduction code at the online check-out.

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