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ISBN: 1 4196 8735 2
Paperback − 144 pages
BookSurge Publishing 2008

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LCCN:  2008900232  
Call #:  QA241 .W635 2008
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1    Divisibility
Chapter 2    Prime Numbers
Chapter 3    Modular Arithmetic
Chapter 4    Exponentiation
Chapter 5    Primitive Roots
Chapter 6    Quadratic Residues
Chapter 7    Factorization
Chapter 8    Pseudoprime Composites
Chapter 9    Primality Proving

Appendix A   Mathematical Induction
Appendix B   Binomial Coefficients
Appendix C   Primitive Root Theorem
Appendix D   Modular Square Roots
Appendix E   Rabin's Probabilistic Test
Appendix F   Testing Primes with Lucas Sequences
News Log
09 JAN 2011
Pdf softcopies of Chapters 1 to 6 are made available for download by following the respective chapter links.

25 JAN 2010
The text is now in its second revised version. Numerous errata and items of grammatical inaccuracy or ambiguity have been fixed.

13 DEC 2009
BookSurge's recent merge into CreateSpace comes with a new and more flexible royalty plan which enables us to reduce our retail price to a mere $14.49. Even more (less) for a limited time only, students may request for a special check-out code good for a 20% discount at the online bookstore.

27 SEP 2008
Initial import date in the Open Library database.

30 JUN 2008
The Library of Congress permalink page has been created.

24 APR 2008
A limited number of promotional copies are available. If you are considering a number theory text to adopt for your class, you may request a free review copy via email. This offer is limited to a US higher education institution addressee only, one book per address, shipped media mail.

15 APR 2008
Added to the new listings at Number Theory Web.

05 APR 2008
The book is available for online purchase starting from this date.
Follow this link to view the extended acknowledgment page.
This errata sheet applies to the second revised version of the textbook, January 2010, or later purchase.

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p. iii The page number Shouldn't be displayed.
p. 27 Exercise 3.15 Belongs to Chapter 4—oops.
p. 109 l. –8 "curiousity" We mean "curiosity".
p. 114 l. –2 "collective" We mean "collected".

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